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Ninth month


And the musical selection to hack to today:
The Doors: Strange Days.(First release was in Sept of 1967, 32 years ago.)

And the random surf site for today:
How does the crew of the Enterprise screw in a lightbulb?


And the musical selection to hack to today:
Bonham: Mad Hatter.

And the musical selection to hack to today:
Led Zeppelin: Disk Two .


And the musical selection to hack to today:

I had an absolutely dreadful weekend. Three words: hard drive crash. One nice thing was the Powelton Village sale. I found two marked Jugtown candlestics for fifty cents -- fifty cents for the PAIR. Yes, there was a small dink in each, but not noticable to a casual glance. Why is this just so amazing? First, here is some EBay data:

I guess i could fund my data recovery with the sale of my two candlesticks.

I guess I'm really a collector. My heart just goes cold at that thought.

I got my start collecting pottery as a rising sophmore at North Carolina State University. I worked for the Visual Arts Program, as it was then, doing database entry and a little database design (DBase III, i think. Look, it was ages ago.) That summer there was a show of North Carolina folk pottery and I acted as docent for a field trip to the potteries with members. Hooked. That was me. On a return trip i bought some of Ben Owens the III's early work. One is a large egplant colored bowl that i enjoy using for serving salads or chips.

After he started his studies and begain to interpret the area's traditional pottery in a more

  • New Ways for Old Jugs: Tradition and Innovation at the Jugtown Pottery
    by Douglas Denatale, Jane Przybysz (Contributor), Jill R. Severn (Contributor)
  • The Traditional Potters of Seagrove, North Carolina: And Surrounding Areas from the 1800's to the Present
    by Robert C. Lock
  • Turners & Burners: The Folk Potters of North Carolina
    by Charles G. Zug
  • Raised in Clay: The Southern Pottery Tradition
    Nancy Sweezy


And the musical selection to hack to today is the same as yesterday, since i forgot to take the CDs home. Then, DF came in with a Queensryche single that has a wonderful version of Scarborough Fair. Listening to that on autorepeat can't be any worse for my mental state than another day of Iggy Pop.
Queensryche: Anybody Listening?.

Risks, by Margaret Wander Bonano, was much better than the science fiction Preturnatural, which i commented upon in the Science Fiction Pod conference.

And the random surf site for today:
The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. My favorite line so far: physicists can be divided into a majority who are 'indifferent' and a minority who are "bothered. Oooh, and i like this: Interpretations of a physical theory cannot normally be subjected to experimental verification. For this reason, it will be necessary to use criteria other than appeal to experiment to make any sort of critical comparison. He lists 1) Economy (Occam's Razor), 2)Compatibility, 3) Plausibility, 4) Insightfulness. With respect to plausibility: Common sense is not always a reliable guide in physics, but it can often help in making a relative choice between otherwise equal alternatives.

For some reason, i want to email this to the Kansas State School Board.


And the musical selection to hack to today:
Iggy Pop: American Caesar
Def Leppard: Adrenalize


And the random (in the sense that there's no method to the selection) surf site for today:
An art site. I particularly like the juxtaposition of Beer Street and Gin Street. I notice, too, how the signs hanging from the undertaker and pawn broker, for example, illustrate just how illiterate the population was.


And the musical selection to hack to today:
Muddy Waters:The Chess Box - 2 (1954-1959).